Prospective customers frequently ask the following

What is the best time to have my trees pruned?

Trees can be pruned at most times during the year with the exception of Bud-Burst & Leaf Fall,. Some species however should only be pruned during the warm summer season , while others need to be attended shortly after flowering. We will be able to advise you on the species specific requirements of your trees during our initial consultation.

Are my trees safe?

We have highly qualified expert Arboricultural specialists  with extensive experience of Surveying Trees and preparing Preliminary & Final Reports. We can provide our customers with advice on Tree Health & Safety and Pest & Disease Control.

How can we be sure MKTC wont damage our trees ?

Our team members are highly qualified and experienced professionals, working to the highest standards and in accordance with ‘Industry Best Practice BS3998’. Check out out our certification portal for our team member qualifications!

What is the Quotation process for a customer?

Due to the nature of tree surgery it is impossible to give a quote without assessing the particular requirements and a site visit will be necessary to determine the details. We can usually make an appointment to visit you after an initial phone call . After assessing the work to be carried out  we will provide you with a written quotation. This will include a schedule of the work required and details of our insurance.

What about and health and safety?

N Vaughan Tree Services  is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible safety standards in full compliance with the latest Health & Safety Legislation. We prepare a ‘Site Specific Risk Assessment’ for every job and every member of the team is briefed on the Methodology & Responsibility, Risks and Emergency Procedures specific to the job. You can check out our Health and Safety Policy in our Certification Portal.

What about Insurance?

Our Team are highly qualified and experienced professionals, they work to the highest standards and in accordance with ‘Industry Best Practice’. We are fully insured for €6.5 million Public liability & €13 million Employers liability.

When the work is done what will be the state of my property ?

We will make every effort to ensure that our work has the least possible impact on your property and will leave your property perfectly clean when we are finished.


MKTC utilise a ground protection system that is designed to form temporary roads and footpaths. It is suitable for protecting grassed areas from erosion and rutting during Tree Surgery.

Why Should I choose MKTC ?

Neil and his team will give you the best advice for the long-term safe management of your trees.


We are highly qualified experts with many years experience, providing you with professional excellence, value for money and outstanding customer service. See what our customers say in our Testimonial section.


We can provide you with references for the many projects we have completed!