Our Arborist & Tree Surgery Equipment

At Muskerry Tree Care, we invest in the best equipment. That means we can carry out our work on your property in a timely manner while minimising the risk to our employees. Take a look at some of the equipment we use.

Valtra t163 woth botex crane
Large equipment loaded
Valtra n113 +farmi ch27
Valtra and forestry trailer
Mulcher head
Valtra t163 +botex crane and chipper
Pickup and minidigger copy
Komatsu Digger
Komatsu pc138us
Kubota kx27 with flail
Kubota u56 with flail
Valtra n113
Kane Trailer
kx27_u27 and flail
kx27_u27 and flail
Kubota u56 w_ mulcher
Valtra woth roof mounted crane
Valtra woth roof mounted crane
Valtra w_ farmi chipper
Valtra n113