Storm Damage & Recovery

A storm can turn trees into a safety hazard and leave them looking as if they haven’t been pruned in a long time. Major limbs may be broken, foliage shredded or stripped, and bark pulled or gouged. But all isn’t lost, storm-damaged trees have an incredible ability to recover. 

Ensure a damaged tree is properly evaluated before dismissing it as a “goer.”

Is the tree, aside from the storm damage, generally healthy and vigorous? 

Provided the tree is essentially healthy, does not pose a hazard, and has not sustained significant structural damage, it can still recover if first aid procedures are taken soon after the storm.

Are there any major limbs that have been broken? 

The larger a damaged limb is, the more difficult it will be for the tree to recuperate. The tree may not survive if most of its primary branches have died.

Storm damage is frequently far too severe for a single property or landowner to tackle on their own. Our certified arborists can assist you with damaged trees. 

Working with a competent arborist on a recovery strategy is highly recommended for those who have suffered major damage to anything from single trees to forest areas. We will ensure that your storm-damaged timber is sold for the highest possible price and that it is harvested safely and sustainably. We’ll also collaborate with you to develop, establish, and maintain the forest’s future generation.

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